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The Robert Wells Legacy Collection

“Sculpture is almost never done quickly. The amount of time it takes is what limits the amount of really good sculpture.”  In 1983, Robert was hired at the lab in the S6 Military Assistance Division. As a West Point Graduate he had been working for the Air Force in Albuquerque. He became a Deputy Group Leader at LANL and then Program Director for Construction. Robert’s interest in art was sparked by his first wife, Pilar,  who had been a docent at the Maxwell Museum of Anthropology  in Albuquerque and who worked at the Cliff Dwellers in Los Alamos. “That’s when it became serious”, Robert said. “I felt that there was a lot of two dimensional art but not that much three dimensional art around.  It (collecting) became almost a game of what’s the best I could come up with.” Robert has come up with many of the “bests” in his collection of sculpture and painting.  He is also a sculptor in his own right. “Stone gives you a lot of suggestions as to what you’re going to do with it.” Some of his sculptures took up to 200 hours. “That’s what gave me a lot of appreciation for sculpture.”

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