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The Jerry Williams Legacy Collection

“You know, collecting is an incurable disease”, Dr. Jerry Williams says. He came to Los Alamos in 1972 as a pediatrician with a second degree in medical genetics. He worked in the Childrens Clinic until 1980 when his 14 yr. old son was killed in an accident. The Williamses moved to Santa Fe to recover where Jerry, who always had an interest in art, opened a gallery at the Original Trading Post. His gallery specialized in Southwestern bronze sculpture.  Jerry’s wife Lou  continued to work at the lab and after several years the Williamses moved back to Los Alamos, where Jerry joined the Medical Program at the lab. He received a degree in Occupational Medicine from the University of Southern California, the first Dr. with such a degree in the lab system, and became the head of the Occupational Medicine Program and later the Medical Director for the lab. Jerry traveled widely in Africa and India pursuing his great interest in elephants and climbed Kilimanjaro on the way.

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