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The diverse, Los Alamos area community is a source of learning and growth. LAMOA strives to make a positive contribution through an environment in which all members and ages feel welcome and included. All programs at LAMOA have adaptations for all ages.


By promoting experiences that are personal, and that inspire curiosity and communication, LAMOA creates awareness of the world through art, and nourishes artistic diversity through its exhibitions, collections, and programs that span the entire history of art.

LAMOA fosters dialogues among educators, artists, students and audiences through exchanges of perceptions, attitudes, and understandings inanonjudgmental

forum of ideas and experiences.



Los Alamos Museum of Art preserves and 

presents individual works and collections 

of art and the stories behind them, and 

promotes the joy and appreciation of art. 

LAMOA is in the process of securing an appropriate space to house its collection

Every work of art


    is a story told anew


       to every generation.

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